This new city project El Ménéa

The City of 10,000 Terraces

This new city project is part of the Algerian government’s strategy of developing the deep south of the country by creating new centres of economic activity.
In 2020, El Ménéa will welcome some 50,000 inhabitants in a modern and environmentally friendly city, a basis for developing sustainable agriculture and organised tourism.

El Ménéa
Date : 2012/2013

Project overview

On a stony hamada between sandy desert and oasis, Egis has managed to create a master plan for a fertile, mobile and populated city. To achieve this, the plan focused on several key points: water, with the implementation of solutions for the recovery and reuse of treated water and rainwater, and the quest for architecture in keeping with the way of life in the Sahara. As a result, the buildings will be low, and equipped with flat roofs.

Living areas will be structured into neighbourhoods and a «green framework», important element for well-being, will temper the omnipresence of the built environment. Twelve different types of vegetated areas will punctuate the urban space.

Firmly rooted but with an open feel, the city is served by the El Goléa airport and the RN1 (linking Algiers to Tamanrasset), and will boast a comprehensive network of urban transport. The plan also includes a future railway station.

Our missions

Egis has finalised the plan for developing the new city.

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