New headquarters for the French Ministry of Defence in Paris

Ambitious architectural plans

The project for the French Ministry of Defence is due for completion at the end of 2014. The complex will provide a central location for the headquarters of the army, air force and navy, the MOD central administration and the Minister's departmental staff, currently dispersed across 15 different sites in Paris.

Date : 2010/2014
Client: OPALE Défense
Contractor: Ministry of Defence
Funding: Public
Architect: ANMA, Ateliers 2.3.4.
Construction duration: 3 years
Start of operation: end 2014
Concession duration: 27 years

Project overview

The new buildings (145,000 sq. m) will have the capacity for 9,300 civilian and military staff. Almost 4,000 staff will occupy offices in the Western end of the site (the Corne Ouest). The Ministry will be installed at the "French Pentagon" in 2015, constituting a new eco-district in the Greater Paris area.

Architecturally, the stand-out features are the vast origami-like roof, the horizontal slat works on the stratified facade evoking the nuanced tones of a cliff, and the innovative, green bioclimatic design.

Egis's teams worked on the building envelope, creating synergy between energy resources to create a high-performance system meeting three-quarters of the building's annual heating, cooling and ventilation requirements.

Our missions

Within the OPALE consortium (Bouygues Bâtiments Ile-de-France, Exprimm, Thales, and others), which was awarded the contract for the financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the project, Egis is responsible for the technical engineering, facade design and sustainable building engineering.

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