A new main square in 2016 for the Belgian city of Mouscron

This border city has decided on a renovation project that includes a pedestrian precinct

Egis has been entrusted with the redevelopment project for the “Grand Place” main square, a venue for popular gatherings in the city of Mouscron.

Date : 2012/2015
Client: Ville de Mouscron
Consortium: Egis (client's mandated representative) / Cobalt

Project overview

The concept proposed by Egis is based on the creation of a vast and modular pedestrian precinct that will enhance Mouscron's social and cultural life. The curvature of the facades is reflected at ground level, resonating with the expanse of Hainaut blue stone paving. The square will also be embellished with modern urban furniture, a fountain, play areas and randomly planted trees, etc.

Our missions

Egis is to provide urban planning studies and full EPCM services.