Oran airport upgrades to international standards

New terminal facilities to handle two million passengers in 2025

Oran airport has outgrown its original design intended to handle maximum traffic of 800,000 passengers per year. The project will provide new airport facilities to meet traffic needs for the next 15 years.

Date : 2010/2015
Client: EGSA-Oran - Oran Airport Management Services (Etablissement de Gestion des Services Aéroportuaires d’Oran)

Project overview

The new terminal and modernisation of all facilities will upgrade the Oran Airport to international standards and ensure compliance with the various airport safety, security and environmental regulations currently in force.

The airport will have capacity for two million passengers per year by 2025. The project includes Engineering, Procurement and Construction for the building and fit-out of an international terminal and the refurbishment of existing terminal facilities at Oran airport (the current terminal and the freight area).

Our missions

Egis conducted the feasibility study for the general composition plans of the terminal area for the long-term development of the airport. In addition to the plans, Egis will also provide an architectural approach to the design of the buildings, site monitoring and oversight of the works.

Egis's mission also includes training for EGSA's operating personnel to optimise operation of the new facilities.

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