Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver, Canada

An extraordinary free flow tolling system

As of december 2012, Egis has been operating in Vancouver the widest barrier-free toll plaza in the world. This innovative system, installed on the new Port Mann Motorway Bridge, means each customer is automatically detected and charged without having to slow down.

Guaranteed to save time and reduce co2!

Client: Transportation Investment Corporation (TI Corp), concessionnaire public du pont de Port Mann
Operating period: December 2012 - March 2018

Project overview

Approximately 120,000 vehicles per day use the new Port Mann Bridge, the widest in the world with its 65 m and ten traffic lanes. To optimise traffic flow, it was equipped with a free flow electronic tolling system operated by the joint venture TC flow, of which Egis and Sanef are equal shareholders. Equipped with cameras and lasers, the double detector can recognise licence plates; classify vehicles detecting customers who subscribe using their RFID (radio frequency identification technology) badges.

TC Flow provides a full range of operational services: a customer contact centre, toll collection, customer account management, billing and debt recovery.

Our missions

Egis and its partner succeeded in starting this operation just nine months after contract signature. The challenge was met thanks to the efficiency and experience of our integrated Franco-Canadian team.

This project is extraordinary in its size and the variety of means of distribution and payment offered to our subscribing and non-subscribing customers.

Thanks to the sales and marketing policy, jointly led by the public concession company and operator of the bridge, more than 500,000 customers were registered before the tolling system opened. Today we serve more than 800,000 customers, for whom daily travel is now a smoother and
less time consuming.