Port Seine Métropole Project

Initial study of environmental issues for public debate and public inquiry

Port Seine-Métropole is a new-generation, multi-modal infrastructure project (waterway, rail and road) led by Ports de Paris (the Paris ports authority) in collaboration with local government, interest groups and economic actors.

Date : 2012
Duration: 1 year
Client: Port autonome de Paris

Project overview

The development of transport of goods by modes other than road is an important issue that was given impetus by the Grenelle de l’Environnement Forum. In this area, the River Seine has still unexploited potential: only 6% of the goods leaving the port of Le Havre use it (whereas around 40% of goods from the port of Anvers use the waterways).

The development of Port 2000 in Le Havre, with creation of a multi-modal site, will be a source of ongoing increase in container traffic on inland waterways. In addition, creation of the Seine Nord Canal will extend and complete the West European inland waterway network. The contribution of waterway transport to supplying the Ile-de-France region could therefore increase considerably in coming years.

Our missions

The purpose of the study conducted by Egis is to establish an initial approach to environmental concerns and regulatory aspects relevant to the project site.