Rehabilitation of water supply and water sanitation installations in Ternopil, Ukraine

Date : 2017-2021
Client: Ternopilvodokanal
Investisseur : World Bank

Project overview

As many water supply and sanitation systems in the cities of Ukraine, Ternopil water infrastructure lacked investment and is energy-consuming. Namely the major part of water supply and sewage networks in the city is in operation for more than 50 years and drastically needs modernisation.

Thanks an investment of the World Bank, the Client is planning to substantially upgrade water and wastewater facilities with the use of modern technologies during the period 2015-2021. Last but not least, the objectives of the project are to improve the quality of provided services to customers.

Our missions

Egis is in charge of the assistance with procurement and construction supervision for the rehabilitation of water supply and water sanitation installations in the City of Ternopil.

Egis will also assist the Water Municipal Company Ternopilvodokanal for the implementation of a USD 37M loan of the World Bank to the City towards the rehabilitation of the water infrastructure.

After water projects in Artemovsk in 2010 and in Lviv in 2016 the project in Ternopil as a part of the full-scale Second Urban Infrastructure Projet will increases Egis competitiveness in the field and open up new prospects for development of one more long-range segment for consulting and engineering services in Ukraine.