River city project

Designing the future for Göteborg city

Date : 2011
Duration: 2 months
Client: City of Göteborg
Urban planners: GRAU + Lars Lerup

Project overview

Egis took part in the “RiverCity project” international workshop organised in 2011 by the municipal authorities of Göteborg to consider the future design of the city centre and to put forward strategic models for its sustainable development over the next 50 to 70 years.

The aim of the workshop was to stimulate debate surrounding the issue of sustainable development by developing responses to both climate change and rising water levels – since a large part of the city is now in a floodable area – and to encourage diversification of the region's economy, dominated until recently by industrial and port activities.

The team's response is based on specialisation of the different components of the city to obtain greater benefit from their specific advantages, notably in the area of renewable energy.

This choice is underpinned by stimulation of networking of the different fragments to ensure redistribution of resources throughout the territory.

In addition, given the complexity of the urban system, our response to the question of resilience to climate change is in the form of a “toolkit”, allowing solutions to be implemented over time, as and when appropriate to opportunities and technological developments. This was preferred to a global solution that would require heavy investment and may lack the capacity to react in the face of unforeseen developments.

Our missions

Egis provided expert environmental analysis and definition of a strategy for resilience in the face of climate change.