Ruiru II Dam: providing drinking water for Kenyans

24-hour drinking water for the people of Nairobi? This is the aim of the Ruiru II project in Kenya, involving the construction of a 55 metre-high dam, the transfer of raw water and a purification plant to supply drinking water to over 300,000 people.

Nairobi region
Date : 2017
Client: Athi Water Services Board

Project overview

Ruiru II is a major Finance, Design & Build project launched in 2012 by Athi Water Services Board set up by the Kenyan Ministry of the Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

This vital project located along the Ruiru River – financed under a public-private partnership (PPP) involving both France and Germany’s privately-owned Deutsche Bank – will lead to a lasting improvement in the water supplied to Nairobi and its environs.

Our missions

Egis was entrusted with carrying out comprehensive surveys of all of the project’s engineering structures – from preliminary studies through construction plans – as part of a consortium put together by Vinci Group1.

This includes the design of the dam and related structures (water intake tower, spillways, access roads) as well as the 17 km-long transfer system, a 40,000 m3/day waste water treatment plant, two storage tanks and related facilities.

Once the construction phase begins, Egis will be closely involved in works oversight, including managing the site lab, installing the dam’s instrumentation system and tracking the social and environmental aspects of the project.

This vast operation in Kenya is a fresh opportunity for our Group to showcase all of its expertise in geotechnical, hydraulic engineering, waste water treatment and environmental expertise. We intend to unlock all of the potential synergies between our French and local engineering teams.

Given the sheer size and number of structures to be built, their technical complexities and the high degree of cooperation expected between the different specialities located in several countries, Egis decided to manage the entire project in collaborative, multi-site BIM mode2.