Structuring of civil aviation in South Sudan

South Sudan established an independent state in 2011 and joined the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The country needs to structure its institutions and demonstrate its capacity to develop and regulate civil aviation in an organised manner, in accordance with best international practices.

Date : 2012-2013
Duration: 6 month
Client: Government of South Sudan (GOSS)

Project overview

The Ministry of Transport selected Egis to develop the political, legal and organisational frameworks of the new authority. Egis's mission is to provide preliminary advice to the South Sudanese government and equip it with the tools it requires to lay the foundations of its activities as a regulator and an operator, since the airports and the provision of aviation services are controlled by the new authority.

Our missions

The main remit of the Egis team as part of this South Sudan civil aviation infrastructure project consists of:

  • project start-up and data gathering on the national civil aviation context and the sector's main stakeholders;
  • presentation of the initial project report on the specific characteristics of the South Sudan civil aviation environment, the options available for the organisation of the sector and the regulatory system, the organisation proposed by Egis, methods for funding the new authority and the main job descriptions for the key management and oversight personnel;
  • presentation of the proposed regulatory system.