Suva wastewater system upgrades and extension project

Date : 2016
Duration: 1 year
Client: Water Authority of Fiji
Funding: Green Climate Fund / Asian Development Bank / European Bank of Investment
Partner: Scope Pacific Limited

Project overview

The Suva wastewater system upgrades and extension project is part of the solution to tackle water supply and treatment crisis in the Greater Suva Urban (494,760 inhabitants) and to enhance sustainable development.

This Project will introduce wastewater treatment technology innovations in Fiji with their application to subsequent similar type projects.

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) has recognized the need for international assistance to meet a tight timeframe set for the project, and also inject new ideas and take advantage of new technologies available since the last major upgrade of the system.

The WAF currently operates a wastewater system which includes 7 major and 79 small/medium wastewater pumping stations, about 44 km of rising sewer and trunk main and over 330km of sewerage reticulation.

Our missions

Egis will provide the comprehensive survey, investigation and design services together with tendering support for the package 3, part A.

The consulting services involves three key sub-projects:

  • 31 existing pumping station upgrades ;
  • existing sewer main upgrades : 18 km of trunk sewer main upgrades and 13.4 km of pipes to relin of replace ;
  • sewer extension to additional 15% of households : new collection pipes, pumping stations and rising mains