Ukraine road corridor prioritization and financing contract has been awarded to Egis

Thanks to 20 years of fruitful operations in projects related to institutional and operational development of transport infrastructure in Ukraine, Egis was awarded a road corridor prioritization and financing contract.

Date : February - September 2017
Duration: 7 months
Funding: World Bank Group

Project overview

Over the recent years, Ukrainian road sector has been going through a deep crisis: the absence of development strategy and the inadequacy of investments led to a significant deterioration of the road network. In the frame of State Owned Enterprises reform and improvement in the efficiency of public expenditure, the Government has adopted a legislation to reinforce the capacity of the Road Fund.

Our missions

The contract entrusts Egis to study, in first place, the financial sustainable solutions to the Road Fund (Tolling, Road Users Charges, IFIs grants…) and then, in second place, define 10 pilot projects where those solutions will be experimented.

Meanwhile Egis since January 2016 supports the implementation of the association agreement and of the national strategy in the transport sector until 2030. The development of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects by means of OPRC road O&M contracts, and the construction of toll roads are major components of the Strategy. Thanks to its support to strategic projects, Egis guides the long-term development of the road sector in Ukraine.