Zezelj bridge access roads, Serbia

On the 26th of May 2017, took place in Novi Sad, the kick-off meeting for the construction of the access roads to the new Zezelj Bridge over the Danube.

Novi Sad
Date : 2017-2018
Beneficiaries: the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Serbian Roads, Serbian Railways and the City of Novi Sad

Project overview

The former Zezelj road and railway bridge over the river Danube was considered as a land mark. It consisted of two arches, with hanged deck structure and of two small approach beam structures. The bridge was made of reinforced and prestressed concrete and had a total length of 466m between the abutments.

The bridge was destroyed in April 1999 during the NATO bombing.

Our missions

Egis is the Engineer both for the reconstruction of the Bridge (in consortium with DB Engineering and Consulting) and for the construction of the access roads to the bridge (in consortium with DuoDEC).

The construction companies are the Spanish Azvi for the bridge itself (construction began in 2011) and the Austrian Strabag for the Access Roads.