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Egis  will be equally involved during preliminary stages of air transport market-analysis, financial studies, creation of a development strategy, audits and reworking of the regulatory framework as during operational phases relating to airworthiness and engineering of air operations.

Egis, your advisory partner for air operations

Our advisory services for your air operations cover institutional and regulatory questions: studies and audits of the air transport sector for aviation and government authorities, review of legislative and regulatory framework. Security is at the heart of what we do and the technical assistance we offer enables our clients to be fully compliant with the legislation and standards in force. In particular, this support includes training programs for control and surveillance authorities.

We assist you in your strategic decision-making in order to conceive long-term action plans. Our teams undertake air transport development studies, traffic forecasts, guiding principles, economic studies and financial analyses.

Egis, a unique 360° expertise in engineering and air operations

Egis has a unique 360° expertise relating to complex systems with high safety and performance standards within the field of air operations. This knowledge and expertise is particularly applicable to aviation technology systems as it relates to human factors. It calls for creation of certification methodologies, design of human-machine interfaces (HMI), definition of working methods and operational procedures and evaluation of aircraft systems that interact with humans.

With regards security, Egis contributes to the development of new standards with international organisations like EUROCAE or RTCA on the subject of on-board systems. For many years the group has been involved in definition and validation of TCAS anti-collision system standards and, more recently, future systems for automatic surveillance of aircraft (ADS-B) by way of security studies.