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Internationally renowned civil engineering firm Jean Muller International joined the Egis Group in 1987. The world wide reputation of Egis's civil engineering teams has been built over many years, with a long track record for excellence, capitalising on our accumulated experience (spanning in excess of 8,000,000 sq. m of structures), dedication and motivation of a new generation of experts (100 or more).

Egis works across the globe on all stages of bridge construction from design through to operation, with an integrated and multidisciplinary project approach, covering geotechnics, environmental sustainability and all aspects of structural engineering. The Group's civil engineering teams share a passion for their chosen speciality and a commitment to serving their clients.

Egis designs conventional and one-off structures.

Conventional structures primarily include moderately technical bridges of modest size for functional purposes. With a large number of such projects in its portfolio, Egis has developed a standardised approach to design and large-scale construction processes.

Throughout the centuries, and especially during the 19th and 20th centuries, daring new bridge designs have gone hand-in-hand with the use of new materials. Over time, the purely utilitarian bridge has developed into stunning architectural and engineering works, which influence their environment and stand out in the surrounding landscape.

From the first cable-stayed bridges (Sunshine Skyway, Florida) to the largest lift bridge in Europe (Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas, Bordeaux), Egis's teams have been responsible for many highly innovative bridges, advancing bridge design and technology.

Our missions

Egis works on all types of structures: reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, steel, mixed, in wood or composites; girder bridges, single-span bridges, arched bridges, pre-stressed concrete double-decked bridges, cable-stayed, suspended and mobile bridges. Egis's teams are involved in

  • Designing and building of new structures
  • Expert appraisal, repair and maintenance of existing structures