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Regulatory and voluntary consultation

Egis is involved in regulatory and voluntary consultation phases.
Egis provides the following services:

  • Social and political acceptance, mapping of actors
  • Regulatory recommendations related to the consultation process and production of relevant paperwork. Advice to clients  with regards their relations with local authorities, councils, etc. and project stakeholders (NGOs, associations, national commissions)
  • Consultation – dialogue strategy, communication plan
  • Creation and production of communication materials
  • Logistical coordination of public meetings, organisation and leadership of public meetings, workshops, etc.
  • Help with answers to questions from the public, summary  of FAQs


Formations sur la communication opérationnelle

Egis, an approved training organisation, can assist public and private project owners by training them for meetings with elected officials, policy makers, and the public.

  • Coaching and personal assessment
  • Appropriation of key messages
  • Individual or group training including simulated meetings with different parties
  • Public speaking workshops, focus on posture and attitude

Change management consultation

Egis works together with its clients on restructuring projects linked to the creation of new headquarters and opening of offices in new locations. Egis’s participatory approach aims to:

  • facilitate the emergence of new ideas
  • define working methods and internal rules
  • prepare employees for change
  • provide vectors for internal communication

Egis implements ad-hoc methods according to the issues raised and the culture of the company: workshops, bilateral meetings, presentation of projects, site visits, etc.