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Design at the heart of creating value for our clients

In the field of construction, the creative act "simply" means transforming an objective into an object. 

In the beginning, there is the design. When engineers or draftspersons initially find themselves in front of a blank computer screen their experience will allow them to integrate everything that might have an impact on the cost and quality of the project. This goes much further than just applying standards and norms. No machine is capable of replacing the designer’s intuitive vision.

During the subsequent calculation and drawing phases Egis designers have at their fingertips the most sophisticated computer tools, adapted to each type of project. Throughout the world Egis is a privileged Autodesk partner. Egis can also provide digital 3D models when required.

As the concept is developed each part of the construction and the work of each trade is analysed with the same thoroughness to ensure our clients are provided with fully optimised proposals.