Digital twins

WHITE PAPER « Digital twins: a sustainable service platform »

An inventory of the expertise and skills developed by Egis in the field, to support its clients and partners from A to Z in the implementation and monitoring of digital twinning, adapted to each project.

The digital twin, a dynamic replica of a physical asset “as it operates” and no longer solely “as built”, has become the new performance yardstick in the construction sector. Appreciated for its ability to provide a comprehensive link in almost real time between the physical and digital worlds, it is a prime tool by which to scrutinise the total cost and performance of your infrastructure or buildings in a real-life situation and throughout their lifecycle, from planning to the end of their operation.

Thanks to new technologies (BIM, virtual reality, augmented reality, collaborative platforms, IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, etc.) combined in the digital twin, we now have the capacity to optimise almost in real time the management of requirements and interfaces, the acceptability of your projects, quality management, control and prevention of risk, control of costs and deadlines, and environmental impact - all this while adapting to each individual project.

In its position as a leading player in the construction ecosystem, Egis is one of the world’s first engineering firms capable of implementing controlled and standardised BIM processes to share them with its partners and clients. We have extensive and recognised expertise not only in terms of the digital representation of assets and their impacts, but also in terms of interoperability requirements.

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