Our digital expertise

The countless possibilities offered by digital technology are genuine keystones in inventing liveable cities, deploying the mobility of the future, and designing, building and operating structures differently and sustainably. Our goal is to bring ever more service and added value to our customers and to end users. And to do so responsibly in line with our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments, i.e. by placing people at the centre and controlling the carbon footprint of our digital developments.
Martine Jauroyon, Chief Transformation and Sustainability Officer

With the possibilities offered by digital tech, the expectations of our customers are evolving, from the simple perspective of building a structure to that of using it and generating user satisfaction.

Egis incorporates the needs of its customers at the centre of its digital transition strategy to contribute ingenious solutions to today's problems and anticipate those of tomorrow. Our multiple areas of expertise and skills spanning the entire lifecycle of a project provide us with a solid foundation to design, integrate and apply smart solutions to:

  • collect and analyse data about the infrastructure and its environment,
  • help our clients in their decision-making, throughout the lifecycle of their projects,
  • Improve project management and optimise total cost,
  • connect stakeholders via interactive platforms,
  • provide new high added value services for end users.

All these solutions combine our engineering and operational know-how with the latest possibilities offered by digital: artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc. to contribute to the success of your projects.

   Take a look at them now!

A second life for materials

Cycle Up was designed in partnership with Icade to optimise the convergence of supply and demand for reusable materials and connect the industry’s stakeholders: owners, project sponsors, architects, engineers, demolishers and builders. The platform lists all their available materials which are referenced according to their reuse possibilities. Cycle Up also offers dedicated support services such as reuse audits and project management consultancy reuse assignments. It is also a crossroads for innovation and learning. https://www.cycle-up.fr

Urban building sites, another view

Travaux Connectés by Egis® was born out of the coming together of two experts in their respective fields: Egis and Smart Service Connect. As a genuine service platform for construction partners committed to the transformation of towns and regions (in infrastructure and buildings), Travaux Connectés® provides project contributors with a specialist platform with which to manage (and no longer be hostage to) construction works in their region. Through a multichannel digital approach, the construction’s users and partners are brought together to relate better to building projects and anticipate them. Watch the video  / Contact us

Civic participation at the heart of projects

The Smart Environmental System (SES) is the platform that brings together all the strategic data for the management of planning, infrastructure and industrial facility projects. Site data, provided by sensors, studies or resident feedback, is analysed in real time to enable the monitoring of projects’ environments. Thanks to an accessible and understandable user interface, the SES allows project owners to visualise data and improve the environmental performance of processes predictively. Watch the video / Contact us

Digital collaboration for construction projects

SGTi4® is a collaborative web-based project management solution, also available on mobile devices. Entirely dedicated to organising, securing and controlling the data flows exchanged during a construction project, it breaks down into 3 functional modules addressing each of the specific processes: document management and workflows, financial management, observation and work task management, making it one of the most comprehensive and modular project management solutions on the market. http://www.sgti4.fr

A revolutionary approach to our BIM support assignments

The Data Project Management (DPM) platform, compatible with openBIM formats (IFC, COBie and BCF), optimises the design of the program model and the checking of the design, construction and maintenance deliverables. It enables all the project's stakeholders to harness the data of their project. With DPM, we bring an innovative dimension to our project management consultancy assignments, across the entire life cycle of the structure: programming, design, delivery, operation, deconstruction, reuse. Thanks to DPM, the owner makes their data more reliable over the long term and derives full value from it. Contact us