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As owners of projects our clients have to minimise the adverse environmental impact of projects and guarantee a positive contribution to the local community and economy. Our teams provide all the resources to manage this complexity.

Within Egis, landscapers and urban planners work on road networks to ensure they integrate all aspects of sustainable development. Working alongside our clients  we form an understanding of all the interactions of a road network with its environment, identifying local, regional and trans-border, or even national issues. Together we build connecting infrastructure that, today even more than in the past, fosters inter-modality and mobility in all forms.

To help decarbonise our roads, Egis has developed Variways, Masster and ImpRoad, three “eco-comparators” to support your decision-making. These tools, unique in today's market, allow comparison of selected infrastructure solutions in terms of their greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. The comparators are applicable both in France and internationally.

To manage the sustainable development performance of your projects more efficiently, Egis has developed Tendem empreinte®, a method increasingly used for major roads in France. 

This tool provides a multi-disciplinary visual representation of the benefit and impact of choices for programming, design, implementation and operation at every major stage of a project.

Tendem empreinte® facilitates collective decision-making with regard to all objectives specific to a project.