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From nursery schools to centres of excellence: settings in which to grow and prepare for the future

Together with architects, Egis creates learning and excellence centres: primary schools, middle schools, high schools, university campuses and research laboratories, all of which showcase values of openness, a cross- disciplinary approach and innovation… key factors of tomorrow.

Educational establishments are physical symbols of tomorrow’s values. Egis helps architects and project owners meet their objectives: be the first to build green and meet the strictest energy consumption requirements possible (in France, the thermal regulation RT2012).

Facilitate high precision experiments in research laboratories, ensure continuity of teaching and manage phased worksites in occupied premises when restructuring high schools, design new multidisciplinary centres of excellence, and more. Egis deploys its expertise and creativity to transform educational settings into passive, bioclimatic architectures. Underlying these skills is the effective control of both energy consumption (dual flow and energy recovery systems, geothermal energy, district heating/cooling networks, etc.) and water consumption (moats, phytoremediation, reuse of grey water, etc.).