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Generate energy-efficiency for urban areas, industry or mobility solutions with Egis, your energy partner

We design and complete projects to meet the most stringent energy efficiency demands for buildings, urban areas, industry and transport, with solutions integrating demand-side energy efficiency with supply-side management.

Egis's consultants and engineers provide broad-based, cross-sector expertise, comprising active dimensions, including energy generation or supply-side management, and passive dimensions, such as reducing demand and delivering economies of scale (building, district or region).

Backed by our advanced project design and management methods, we can guarantee the energy efficiency of the solutions we develop, and provide support for innovative solutions, construction and energy upgrades.

We provide services to the following sectors:

  • Residential and hotel construction,
  • Utilities buildings,
  • Public education, health and sports facilities,
  • Industrial facilities,
  • Airports, stations and transport infrastructure,
  • Air and land mobility solutions, traffic optimisation and regulation.