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Take a global vision across the energy chain with Egis, your energy partner

We support clients in shaping their energy policy and developing innovation and planning strategies in a rapidly changing energy environment. Our integrated approach encompasses resources, generation, transmission, energy usage management, as well as environmental and social issues.

The experience of our consultants and engineers is recognised by international financial backers, government bodies, investors and local authorities.

Our customised methods extend over a broad base, including:

  • Consulting services focusing on critical areas, such as energy policy and strategy, energy mix, control of income and expenditure, and regulation of markets,
  • Economic strategy and energy transition,
  • Planning, feasibility, master planning, program management and energy optimisation guidelines,
  • Financial and legal structuring of projects, due diligence,
  • Consultation processes, project governance oversight,
  • Training and communication,
  • Environmental management, health and safety
  • Energy and climate, carbon emissions management.