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From feasibility to the confirmation of its investment, in an environment that it doesn’t necessarily control, the project owner must be able to rely on assistance for complying with regulatory procedures as well as for meeting cost objectives and deadlines. The EPC consultant therefore acts as a trusted partner.

Under an EPC consultancy mandate, Egis acts on behalf of its client, providing cross-business and multidisciplinary support as part of operational management (Public) or assistance (private).

Egis supervises work carried out, provides financial monitoring of the operation, formalises objectives, guides choices and helps the client with any decisions they must make, within the time frames required for undertaking the studies and work.

Through its experience and technical, administrative and legal knowledge, the EPC consultant also acts as an interface with multiple stakeholders: technical inspectors, coordinators, businesses, planning departments, etc.

Assessment and management of the socio-economic impacts of major projects

Developers must take into account the societal and economic impact of major infrastructure projects on populations, from their implementation to their closure for time-specific projects (such as mining projects). Acceptability is a key factor for success.

We conduct socio-economic impact studies, suggest mitigation measures, develop plans for resettlement, and help make major projects into catalysts for development.