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For the past 30 years Egis has developed expertise across the entire geotechnical engineering chain, spanning geology, materials and linear infrastructure to complex civil engineering structures and buildings.

Egis has more than 100 specialists working in:

  • Geology and hydrogeology
  • Structure design
  • Soil/earthworks structures
  • Earthworks geotechnics
  • Materials engineering and laboratory testing
  • Instrumentation for structures and sites
  • Structure pathology
  • Natural risks
  • Geophysics

Egis's specialist expertise in soil and materials mechanics is backed by its highly efficient technical calculation resources (complete 3D soil and rock mechanics analyses), a COFRAC-accredited (French accreditation body, scope 1-1927 available at laboratory (for soil, rock, concrete, cement and road materials testing) and advanced instrumentation resources and investigation methods (sensors, static and dynamic measurements).