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A comprehensive approach to health facilities and high tech research laboratories, both public and private.

Our teams participate in organising, designing, supervising, renovating and operating health assets. Our overriding directive remains ensuring their outstanding performance.

Hospitals are particularly complex buildings requiring the continuous improvement of performances; they must account for an ever-increasing number of activities and functions, a constantly changing environment and a concentration of constraints and cutting-edge technologies. 

From developing medical strategies to hospital operation, Egis provides a global and cross-disciplinary approach based on specific expertise. Our capabilities cover a wide range of specialisations (medical strategy, programming, medical specialisations, management, etc.) and techniques (design of all building trades, biomedical engineering, green building design certification, global cost….).

This joint mobilisation of specific resources, which continues throughout the life of a building, helps devise solutions that are the best suited to the many complex issues faced by health facilities.

Changing uses, medical progress, new methods of care, organisational modifications, renewal and advances in medical equipment, which are often structural, and changes in standards and regulations are factors that demand constant innovation in all areas. Whether for building organisation, techniques and technologies or for energy management, our specialists can propose innovative solutions to ensure the continuing flexibility and adaptability of health structures.