Inspection and certification

AuditSafe is the new Egis subsidiary dedicated to inspection and certification activities in urban and railway transportation systems. AuditSafe in an independent assessment body for urban and railway transport system safety.

Today, transport systems have become complex. A large number of public and private organisations successively design, build and operate them; but none of these bodies can single-handedly guarantee that they are totally safe. This is why independent bodies are called upon to assess the safety level reached, before allowing the commencement of revenue service.

AuditSafe is organized around a team of experts, all acknowledged and accredited to conduct inspection and certification assignments in urban guided and railway transport: Rolling stock, Infrastructure and rail track, Light rail urban integration, Energy, Control-command / Signalling Global safety and risk management.

Egis is an inspection and a certification body in accordance with ISO 10702 and ISO 17065.

Our projects


  • Bangalore Metro: ISA for signalling and automatic train control on lines 1 and 2.
  • Delhi metro: ISA for signalling and automatic train control on driverless lines 7 and 8.


Sao Paulo metro: ISA for signalling and automatic train control for the CBTC upgrading (communication based train control) of the CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos)..


  • Basel LRT: Assignment as Certified Approved Body for the extension of line 3 to Saint- Louis station.


  • Bangkok metro: ICE on global transport system for extension of Green Line.