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For more enjoyable, easier and safer mobility

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) emerged from the introduction of information and communication technology into the management of vehicles and networks that ensure the mobility of people and goods. In this area Egis provides engineering services and project assistance, from studies of mobility and traffic through to supervision of works, on site in project mode, with multidisciplinary teams.
Egis develops projects in the fields of concessions and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), operates transport infrastructure, integrates operating systems and provides value-added services to road users. Egis is a world leader in the area of concessions and operation of toll roads.

Their benefits

Implementation of smart transport systems and services can provide conditions for mobility which is safer, more enjoyable and easier to use for both people and goods.
It allows operators of transport networks, highway managers, rail operators and operators of urban networks to better manage their infrastructures optimising their traffic flow by anticipating congestion and rapidly detecting incidents or accidents so as to handle them as quickly as possible.
Smart Transport Systems and Services improve with ease safety, efficiency, comfort and the environment without those concerned even being aware of the technology.