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Egis, an innovative player assisting the entire range of providers in the hotel industry and leisure facilities sector.

Tourism actively contributes to the economic performance of a country and plays a major role in structuring and developing regions. Our expertise and support for this industry have made themselves felt throughout France and are exported throughout the world.

France is the world’s number one tourist destination (8% of world tourism). Its hotel capacities need to adapt to the criteria and demands of a changing clientele. Ile-de-France and Paris in particular, as well as the Côte d'Azur, dominate the French hotel investment market. Egis is involved in converting historic buildings into luxury hotels as well as in designing, supervising and/or managing the construction of new hotels and holiday homes.

Often built by private project owners, these buildings offer high performance levels in terms of energy consumption as a result of their design. The majority have attained certification via green building procedures in accordance with international standards.

In this field, where innovation flourishes, leisure and hotel buildings serve to promote brand images and contribute to developing and increasing the attractiveness of their immediate surroundings. They are at the forefront of technology and design, and exemplary in terms of energy sobriety and environmental impact.