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Real Estate Master Plans

The purpose of a real estate master plan is to establish, for any given real estate portfolio  a  summarized assessment of its functional, urban, technical, social, economic and financial aspects and to acquire all relevant information with respect to the asset.

Mastering these elements provides forward vision whether it be for a single property or multi-site holding and enables identification of key areas for development in the medium and long term, as well as simulation of financial stakes.

Egis conducts preliminary studies for the formalisation of your strategies: prospective studies, urban analysis, functional and multi-technical evaluations, scenario planning, financial analysis, corporate planning, setting up databases….

Growing and managing property assets

The future of a real estate asset and its suitability for its intended use is a key concern for owners and users, especially in a context of on-going regulatory developments and the constant pursuit of optimisation.

In partnership with financiers and lawyers, Egis applies its expertise to assist with:

  • Verification of appropriateness, or relevance of an acquisition
  • Adaptation or development of a property that is no longer suitable for its original purpose
  • Enhancement of property effectiveness  and determination of potential compromises between modernisation, investment and operating costs
  • Creation of value: value of the property in its future destination or because of its potential.