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Designer for new nuclear

Over the past 70 years, Egis has been closely involved in the conceptual or the detail design for all EDF’s nuclear power plants, as well as many other nuclear installations planned by AREVA and the CEA.

Our expertise is continually being enhanced as a result of our involvement in major projects key to the revival of the nuclear industry over the last ten years. These projects include: the Jules Horowitz Research Reactor, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ITER, third-generation new-model European Pressurized water reactors, and the prototype fourth-generation fast reactor ASTRID...

Preliminary studies & site surveys

Egis supports nuclear energy clients in choosing the most appropriate site. In particular, we perform industrial risk analyses, paying due attention to the challenges of nuclear and environmental safety, and we deliver study reports and regulatory reviews. We also help to reduce project costs by carrying out preliminary logistics and design-related studies.

Architect Engineer

With our technical competence, our knowledge of nuclear energy projects and our use of appropriate management systems, Egis is able to provide comprehensive project supervision of all the constructions, infrastructures and utilities essential to a nuclear installation. Our service offering thus covers  design, procurement, contracting, construction management, acceptance tests, precommissioning
and start-up.

Assistant to owner

From feasibility studies to consolidation of investment, operators need support they can count on – with technical competence, in guaranteeing compliance with regulatory procedures, and making sure the project is completed on time and on budget. With its experience and in-depth knowledge of technical, administrative and legal matters, Egis is your reliable partner in the management of interfaces between multiple stakeholders involved in the project.

Consultancy & expertise in Civil Engineering

Every year, our solid investment in R&D enables us to offer our clients best engineering practices – for calculations and simulations (non-linear transient analysis, fast dynamic analysis, coupled analysis, multiphysical analysis), 3D modelling of structural elements (3D reinforcement, prestressing tendons, etc.), as well as for construction technologies (damping solutions, steel-concrete structures , etc.). We publish scientific articles and contribute to the development of French and European regulations.

Civil Engineering studies for new build

In the field of civil engineering, we provide support from the conceptual design stage right through to detail design (including reinforcement drawings). We assist construction companies throughout the entire duration of the project by ensuring we play our full part in support work. Where international projects are concerned, we have developed real expertise, enabling us to involve local engineering companies effectively and efficiently.

Reappraisal of existing installations

The experience we have gained during 70 years of designing nuclear installations has doubled over the last 20 years as a result of the expertise and unique skills we have acquired in upgrading existing installations during reappraisals and mandatory safety inspections. This competence includes the seismic reassessment of buildings using state-ofthe-art procedures (pushover analysis, non-linear temporal analysis, SMA, etc.) as well as acting as main contractor for the full range of upgrading and renovation work.

Technical expertise

Egis has thousands of specialists available – for every project stage and for work on the most complex objects . This wealth of technical expertise enables us to cover with our own resources a wide range of disciplines required by nuclear engineering projects : geology, geotechnology, underground structures and tunnels, networks, fluid and solid mechanics, air pollution, pollution of the natural environment, instrumentation for works and sites, electricity, industrial risk management, etc.