The city, that singular place where everything is on the go

The city of tomorrow cannot be designed from scratch. Engineering a city requires identifying its strengths and weaknesses together, devising an integrated and sensible design that is both appropriate and adjustable, and turning in a finished product that measures up to our clients' ambitions and resources.

We are dedicated to providing you with assistance for each of your projects, through a customisable and multidisciplinary approach.


We adjust our designs and construction techniques depending on local specificities, whether they be environmental, financial, economic, social, cultural or regulatory.

We draw on a team that is well-suited to the challenge and strikes a perfect balance between local and international expertise and know-how, thanks to a judicious process for selecting our partners.

Pluridisciplinarité Multidisciplinary

Our employees come from generalist disciplines, capable of accounting for every aspect of an urban system, and specialist disciplines, including all those which contribute to the four pillars of sustainable development: economic, social, environmental and governance.

We make a difference for our clients through our ability to devise projects incorporating urban initiatives, transportation infrastructures and urban services, by drawing on all our competencies in engineering, project development and site operation.