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Urban Planning

How many square metres of housing and offices can be developed? What shops and public facilities can be offered to new residents? How can we promote the arrival of a new public transport line? Egis assists you with defining the underlying principles for urban projects by integrating all relevant political, technical, legal, transportation, financial, and real estate challenges.

We mobilise designers (urban planners, landscapers...) and experts (in real estate, project structuring, consultancy, roads and utilities, environmental remediation...) to help create a coherent and reliable vision enabling the operational phases to proceed smoothly.

Greater Lyon, Lyon Confluence, Greater Toulouse, Nantes Métropole, and Abidjan airport have all entrusted us with the creation of plans for their most complex projects: Part-Dieu, Perrache, Matabiau, Nantes multimodal transport hub, Aérocité d’Abidjan, etc.

Architectural Planning

Before designing a structure, two key stages are required for any operation:

  • a pre-programming stage, to verify the appropriateness of the project and its feasibility
  • a detailed programming stage, specifying the quantitative and qualitative requirements of the structure, its objectives, the necessary  organisation, expected performance, and economic constraints.

Egis is involved throughout the project definition phase, from the initial decision-making and operational arrangements through to the launch of consultations with designers or consortiums, including drafting of tender documents, for all types of procedures: architectural competitions, design and build, PPP, CPI.

Planning infrastructure projects

The first step in an infrastructure project is for the owner of the operating programme to establish objectives, expected project performance, overall cost and timing.

Based on feasibility studies, the programme represents the accuracy of the vision, ambition, consensus and strategy of stakeholders and decision-makers in the region or city concerned.

Our specialist project directors will apply their technical, financial and legal expertise, and weigh up risks, while taking into account the sensitivities of elected officials and the public, through a carefully tailored consultation process.