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Organisation, equipping project owners

Getting organised to undertake a project? Adapt your organisation to new missions? Learn from current or past projects so as to best develop and prepare for the future? Egis equips project owners with the know how to face these challenges.

Our services include:

  • Review of current situation and identification of interfaces
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses 
  • Feedback on previous projects

The ASF (French association of financial companies), RFF (French rail network) and ANRU (National agency for urban renewal), as well as the Cities of Paris, Nantes, Roubaix and Dunkirk, and the General Councils of the Val de Marne and Charente Maritime have all entrusted us with providing these services.

Governance, an integrated solution

Faced with the increasing complexity of projects, related to the  multitude of parties involved and the plethora of legal and financial arrangements, and given the requirements of sustainable development and social responsibility, Egis has developed an integrated  governance solution for project owners:

A system for decision-making and efficient coordination

  • Identification and mobilisation of institutional and financial partners
  • Anticipation of regulatory procedures and legal issues
  • Broader social and political acceptance of projects

Institutional Support

Whether defining or redefining the tasks of a government ministry, local authority, or institution, by specifying the scope and interface with other stakeholders; detailing the means of implementation and objectives; or organising and strengthening the teams in charge of these tasks... Our team will support you throughout the process. Our institutional support can take many forms: monitoring and evaluation, coaching or the assistance of our experts.