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Egis’s capabilities include multiple aspects of project structuring, whether it be contractual, financial or property related...

Contractual structuring

Before putting a structure in place our teams identify and conduct a comparative analysis of the potential contractual arrangements of a project. For example, they perform preliminary assessments of PPPs (Public Private Partnerships).

Egis assists with contract management, by integrating all the financial, technical and administrative challenges of major contracts. We work with you on the structuring and drafting of contracts under national and international standards (FIDIC). We continue our support with contractual follow-up (organisation of the public procurement process, management and monitoring of public procurement regulations, contract management, legal security).

Property structuring

Egis analyses potential property structuring scenarios for public and private transactions. We assist our clients in their negotiations by developing a property strategy upstream, including the definition of land acquisition procedures, analysis of the operational balance sheet, planning procedures and potential contractual arrangements.

Financial structuring

Our financial advisory missions covering structure and execution of complex contracts (delegation of public services, public-private partnerships, etc) have included:

  • Feasibility studies and economic and financial viability of projects (balance sheets, income statements, cash flow)
  • Economic and financial models (funding schemes, sensitivity tests)
  • Evaluation of a projects' economic and financial viability given the constraints of public and private funding
  • Principles of remuneration for contractors
  • Valuation of risk-sharing schemes
  • Definition of terms of participation in public funding

Advice on regulations

Because the laws applicable to projects are regularly reformed, and because projects need to be protected due to frequent litigation, Egis offers its regulatory expertise from the consultation phase right up to the start of work: procedural planning, analysis of legal risks, verification of the survey documents, preparation of guides for project procedures, training with respect to procedures.

The ASF, Brest Métropole, the General Council of Seine-Maritime, the motorway operator APRR, the Regional Council of Réunion, the General Council of Charente-Maritime, and the STIF have entrusted us with securing their projects and we have contributed to meeting their objectives and deadlines.