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Create a sustainable energy mix with Egis, your energy partner

We design and complete energy projects at the cutting edge of renewable energy technologies, developing global solutions addressing the specific challenges of renewables.

Our experienced consultants and engineers provide expertise for the renewable industry, investors, purchasers and operators of energy solutions, international financial backers and government bodies. We are active in the monitoring of storage facilities (heat, cold and electricity) to determine solutions to manage intermittency.

Egis provides comprehensive project management comprising proprietary technical, environmental and financial methods creating sustainable value for our clients' energy mix.

Areas of expertise in renewable energies include:

  • Hydropower, marine turbine, wind energy, ocean thermal energy,
  • Onshore, offshore and urban wind farms,
  • Thermal, photovoltaic or concentrated solar power,
  • Geothermal,
  • Biomass and biogas,
  • Waste to energy.