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Under its Easytrip brand, Egis offers a full range of services to road users (light vehicles, heavy good vehicles, fleet companies), particularly in the fields of payment (tolling, parking, …) and information services.

Easytrip is a service activity which is not developed through bidding on public tenders. Services offered by Easytrip are not dependent upon specific infrastructures.

Easytrip is a solution which expands the concept of electronic tolling to other payment services useful for any car or truck driver or fleet manager. These services include among others parking payment, fuel payment in gas stations, VAT clearance, ferry booking, access control to dedicated lanes or real time traffic information.

Easytrip services are presently available for all vehicles in Ireland and in the Philippines.

Thanks to its subsidiary Transpass, Egis provides services to truck fleet companies throughout Europe: electronic toll collection for nearly all toll motorway concessionaires or operators in Europe, VAT clearance and value added services related to road usage (ferry booking, train booking, petrol card distribution, …).

Egis today manages more than 2.6 million customers through its various subsidiaries.