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For more than 30 years, Egis brings its expertise along the entire project lifecycle management to operate and maintain majorstructure, road infrastructure and tunnels.

Egishas alsodevelopeda unique experiencein motorwaytollcollection integratingall paymentsolutions: cash, creditcard, and especiallyelectronictollcollection, withor withoutbarrier(Free-Flow).

These infrastructures are operated by Egis subsidiaries through long term contracts, either within public private partnerships or within service contracts awarded by public authorities.

Concerned about the environmental impact of infrastructures, Egis deploys innovative ecological and digital services in ordertooptimize infrastructure management and participate in the sustainable development of territories.

Egis operates and maintains 44 roads and motorways in 20 different countries, 4130 km used daily by 3,200,000 vehicles. The group has a strong expertise in the operation of tunnels with a total of 70 km of tunnels operated.

Our expertise in road operationand maintenance

Our subsidiaries are comprised of more than 8500 staff, including numerous experts in the various fields of road operation:

  • Toll systems management (manual, automatic and electronic)
  • Design and implementation of commercial policies, customer relationship management
  • Safety and traffic management (24/24 supervision, patrolling, incident management)
  • Tunnel operation
  • Management of major structures
  • Road maintenance including winter maintenance
  • Infrastructure and equipment operation & maintenance
  • Asset management (planning and management of heavy repairs, renewal strategies, global solutions for lifecycle management, ISO 55001 certification)

Technical support

Egis provides its operating companies with technical support, and its diversified network of subsidiaries exchange best practices andservices (though its “Club exploitation”).
Quality performances are regularly reviewed to ensure the highest levels of safety, of services to users and of asset conditions.

A corporate policy is deployed in the subsidiaries in terms of health and safety, human resources development, environmental performance, operational excellence, innovation and risk management to promote best practices.

Our solutions

A full range of Solutions are developed to continuously improve operations and maintenance.

Simcoach, a simulator dedicated to train operators of motorway tunnels.

Egis develops a training module specific to event management, supported by a 3D simulator system. It is creating scenarios for trainees (control room operators and/or patrollers) to respond to. These scenarios simulate events commonly (or less commonly) found on motorways: road traffic accident (with or without injury), vehicle break down, stray animal, pedestrian, fire, system failure, debris on carriageway, fire …).