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Egis operates and maintains all types of roads, motorways and road structures (tunnels, bridges, …) in France and internationally, and commits on fixed prices and specific performances within long term contracts..

Since 1996, Egis has developed a large experience as motorway operator and currently operates 29 roads and motorways in 19 different countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, i.e. a network of nearly 2800km (including 59km of tunnels).

These infrastructures are operated by Egis subsidiaries through long term contracts, either within public private partnerships (toll motorway concessions or PPPs with public availability payments) or within service contracts awarded by public authorities.

These subsidiaries  are comprised of more than 6700 staff, including numerous experts in the various fields of road operation:

  • Tolling management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Safety and traffic management (24/24 supervision, patrolling, incident management) including tunnels
  • Road maintenance including winter maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Asset management and heavy repairs supervision.

Egis provides its operating companies with technical support, and its diversified network of subsidiaries exchange best practices and services (though its “Club exploitation”). Quality performances are regularly reviewed to ensure the highest levels of safety, of services to users and of asset conditions.

A full range of Solutions are developed with O&M subsidiaries to continuously improve operations and maintenance. Among them, SimCoach provides training to operators based on 3D simulation (see SimCoach film).
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SimCoach, a simulator dedicated to train operators of motorway tunnels

Egis was able to develop a training module specific to event management, supported by a 3D simulator system. It is creating scenarios for trainees (control room operators and/or patrollers) to respond to.These scenarios simulate events commonly (or less commonly) found on motorways: road traffic accident (with or without injury), vehicle break down, stray animal, pedestrian, fire, system failure, debris on carriageway, fire …).


In order to ensure the quality of SimCoach trainings, both in terms of business skills involved (operation of motorways and road tunnels) and training skills, a charter commits the heads of training centers and Egis trainers. This charter also exists in French.