Mobilities › Smart infrastructure and transport systems

On a backdrop of sustainable development, this approach runs through the entire Egis group, covering all the ways in which information technology can be applied. It is reflected in maximising transport infrastructure use, improving safety/security, and developing new services.

Optimising the operation of complex infrastructure
Egis contributes its design and architecture skills to all systems enabling this operation, whilst also incorporating substantial considerations on data security.

From data to information
Information management has become increasingly complex and lies at the centre of regions’ smart approaches.

Alternative mobility
Our vision of mobility takes account of current and future developments such as electromobility, autonomous vehicles, positive tolling (smoothing traffic congestion at peak time) and carpooling, which are reshaping our relationship with time and space, as well as the patterns and behaviour of users.

New mobility services
Egis is highly skilled in vehicle parking enforcement and back-office management, in new ticketing systems and city passes.

Electronic payment
Electronic means of payment simplify monetary flows relating to the exchange of goods and services. Egis has a comprehensive offering in the transport field.