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Designing more than just sports venues

As genuine multifunctional complexes, fully integrated into local environments, stadiums are exceptional structures that showcase the engineering capacities of Egis.

They are focal points for creative innovation in terms of both the techniques and the modelling softs employed.

More than just sports facilities, stadiums are designed as multifunctional “arenas”: sports centres, concert halls, shopping centres, business centres or even places to stroll through. They are particularly complex urban objects from a technical, legal, administrative and financial standpoint! .

Attractive, modular, secure and profitable, new stadiums are high tech. Equipped with retractable stands, mobile stages, removable or synthetic grass, advanced communication systems, etc. and often composed of special structures. stadiums frequently have to be built in record time. Engineering expertise is key to the cross-disciplinary approach demanded by the design process.

Egis has developed new tools such as parametric modelling to optimise and control a large number of requirements. The Allianz Riviera in Nice possesses a cutting-edge composite timber and steel structure that is both architecturally and technically innovative.  The roof is composed of elements in ETFE, a new plastic material that provides both luminosity and transparency.