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The Forhom Institute, ISO 9001, specialises in training managers and technicians in countries where Egis operates.

More than 1000 people are trained each year on a wide range of subjects (sustainable development, local development and decentralisation, urban development, infrastructure, public procurement, public finance, management, human resources, planning and project management).

Possible arrangements:

  • Training packages for individual registration: nearly 40 training sessions held each year in France, Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire
  • Training packages for group registration, to be conducted on site: a choice of more than 60 week-long training packages
  • A la carte training courses in France and on-site

Human resources

Many countries where Egis operates are undergoing significant change: government reform, reform of public or semi-public companies, privatisation, creation of new institutions, pursuit of better performance. Human resources are at the centre of these changes and require support and planning. The Forhom Institute participates in these processes:

  • Recruitment support
  • Coordination and implementation of complex training plans
  • Organisational audit and human resources management support
  • Development of job descriptions and skills
  • Support for the creation and management of training centres