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Egis, driving a new angle for Tramways
Actively involved from the start of the revitalisation of the modern tramway in the 1980s and 1990s (in Strasburg and Grenoble), Egis is now a European leader in tramway engineering, showcasing its excellence and capacity for technical innovation in the creation of tram systems in Lyon and Marseille- France.

As instigators of a fresh way of conceiving urban space and mobility, tram projects are underpinning a new style of urban living. Egis has laid down the first tram lines for numerous systems, including those of Brest, Dijon and Toulouse in France, of Porto in Portugal, and of Rabat in Morocco.

The Tramway autrement® (alternative-design tram), an Egis concept

With itsTramway autrement® concept, Egis is innovating and even fundamentally re-examining the tramway concept. The desired end product is a vehicle the size of an articulated bus that is lightly equipped but still represents quality in urban development. The rational: it can be adapted to medium-sized agglomerations. The main benefit: the cost, which is 25% to 30% less than a "conventional" tramway. Developing this new concept meant taking an alternative angle on all development aspects: rolling stock design, operating and control systems, equipment and infrastructure.

Continuing to break ground

Egis developed two further innovations when extending the T1 line in Lyon (France): permeable tracks that increase contact with the natural surface of the grassed track and sharing of traction energy between tramway and metro. The objective being  to increase  recovery of energy generated from braking trams.