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Egis provides and operates a wide range of innovative services to solve urban mobility issues:

  • Management of on-streetparking
  • Free-Flow tolling
  • Rush HourAvoidanceProgram
  • Fixed and mobile speed enforcement
  • Management of Clearing platforms
  • MaaSPlatform (Mobility as a Service)

In 2016 and 2017, Egis has received awards recognition for its mobility services:

  • Innovation prize from the European Parking Association for its digital applications for parking
  • Two distinctions for traffic peak smoothing (innovative solution for responsible road user behaviour) from “Le Monde”, Smart Cities Award

Electronic toll collection solutions

Egis has a long experience as integrator and operator of classical tolling and electronic solutions for motorways.

Egis was a forerunner in “free-flow” electronic tolling solutions with the Melbourne City Link in Australia; it has also operated the free-flow tolling systems of 2 large bridges in Vancouver (Canada) for two different public authorities. Egis also has internationally recognized references in road safety speed enforcement and tolling interoperability solutions.

Egis proposes and implements solutions for projects in the various areas of:

  • Electronic tolling for roads, motorways, tunnels or bridges
  • Urban tolling
  • National or regional fee collection systems for heavy good vehicles or for all types ofvehicles
  • Solutions for interoperability between several toll facilities
  • Road safety enforcement (speed, traffic lights).

In these various types of projects, Egis’ roles are:

  • Integration of all systems and equipment until complete take over
  • Operation and maintenance of fee collection and enforcement systems
  • Definition and implementation of commercial policy
  • Operation of back-offices and client relationship management.

Smart parking

Egis supports communities in their digital and infrastructure transitions that improve traffic flows and the mobility of road users in urban areas.

Egis brings its know-how and its international experience to manage end-to-end parking service delivery and to provide digital solutions.

Egis acts as both an international operator of on-street parking solutions and developer, designer, integrator and operator of digital solutions.

From payment to enforcement and claims management, Egis adapts its solutions and services to the size of cities and their environment, adjusting to the challenges of its clients.

Egis is present in more than 50 cities internationally, with references in major cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Nice and Amsterdam.



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