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Wastewater treatment is a public health issue.
Egis is helping its clients find sustainable solutions to issues related to the collection, storage and treatment of wastewater in France and throughout the world.

For more than 60 years, Egis experts have been assisting decision-makers in the following:

  • Development of master plans for wastewater treatment;
  • Implementation of individual, semi-collective or collective sewerage programmes;
  • Diagnosis of wastewater treatment systems and plants;Studies regarding the management, reuse and disposal of sludge from wastewater treatment plants;Construction of lagooning systems;
  • Preparation of implementation dossiers for the rehabilitation of existing wastewater treatment plants;
  • Design and dimensioning of new wastewater treatment plants, and preparation of tender dossiers ('Design and Build' or standard procedures);
  • Construction of wastewater systems and of new wastewater treatment plants;
  • Start up and operation of wastewater treatment plants.