Ecocity 2013: Egis, representing France in sustainable city design

As an active contributor to the export of French engineering know-how and sustainable city design, Egis welcomes the arrival of an internationally-deployed 'Made in France' hallmark for sustainable cities. The brand name Vivapolis, unveiled at Ecocity 2013 by the French Foreign Trade Minister Nicole Bricq, will thus create the conditions for our Group and its public and private partners to effectively join forces in a highly competitive market environment. The recent achievements of Egis in the area and the launch of the new French hallmark are further proof of the validity of the group's strategy.


03 October 2013



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My city by Egis, an idea dedicated to urban issues

Today, three billion of the world's inhabitants live in cities, and this population grows by 20 million every year. To attempt to provide a response to the colossal challenge of demographic growth on a world scale, in 2012 Egis created the business line My city by Egis, upholding a set of core values that serve as a basis for its vision of the city. One of them is to put city dwellers at the centre of any approach.

"Our ambition is not to design a standardised, one-size-fits-all city, but rather to conceptualise the public space so that everyone can find the quality of life they seek. We never turn up with a predefined project. We prefer to work from the territory-specific data in order to produce the most appropriate project and invent the most relevant way of building the city," explains Jean-Michel Ristori, co-director alongside Krishna Venkata Nistala of the My City by Egis business line. "And that changes everything! Because people don't have the same type of existence in a hot or a cold country, the same leisure activities, customs or habits, the same artistic and cultural references, lifestyles, free time, and so on."

French know-how, a valuable differentiating factor

Egis brings together wide-ranging skilled profiles such as engineers, urban planners, architects, sociologists and landscapers. They all combine to offer a holistic approach to urban landscape design, making recommendations that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the group's clients.

To give additional exposure and visibility to the group's approach, a supportive framework was needed. Vivapolis ticks this box and will enable Egis to go even further in shining a spotlight on and exporting all of its areas of expertise.

For 50 years, Egis has designed cities in France, where its know-how is clearly acknowledged. Outside France the Group has been awarded several prestigious contracts in the last two years, such as the new town of El Menia in Algeria and most recently the cities of Nouadhibou in Mauritania and Taif and Badr in Saudi Arabia.