Egis celebrates 20 years in Ukraine

On 7 October next, Egis' Ukrainian subsidiary will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Kiev in the company of its customers and partners and Egis senior management. The Group has put down solid roots in this country and is a key player in the Ukrainian infrastructure sector with excellent development prospects.

06 October 2016



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Egis and Ukraine: 20 years growing together

The Group opened an office in 1993 and set up a subsidiary in 1996 to capitalise on its success. After initially providing technical assistance and consulting services to government ministries, Egis teams were involved in major projects that related to harmonising Ukrainian legislation and regional development.

After 2008, Egis began to refocus on the Group's core business – engineering – enabling it to secure a number of attractive contracts to oversee and redevelop key road transport corridors and provide technical assistance at local level. For example, Egis oversaw work to upgrade the M06 Kyiv-Chop Highway through 2012, a programme that was jointly funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). Egis also stepped up its operations in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv by securing contracts to modernise urban transportation.

As Arnaud de Rugy, CEO of Egis Ukraina explains, "although the events of 2013 and 2014 severely curtailed this growth, the situation is stable at present and investment is starting to return, notably thanks to a renewed commitment by EU and international institutions to helping Ukraine develop its infrastructure. This support is helping to generate flagship projects that enable Egis to consolidate its position in Ukraine."

Carefully leveraged strengths

The Group enjoys a number of competitive advantages in this country: aside from its expertise, Egis derives strength from its local roots and knowledge as well as from the close ties it has forged with the Ukrainian people. Nicolas Jachiet, Chairman and CEO of Egis explains that, "our main priority is to forge close ties with our clients based on long-term, 'quality-centric' relationships".

Egis' Ukrainian subsidiary currently has 70 high-level employees split between the main office in Kiev (where around 30 people are based) and the cities of Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa and Poltava.

The aim is to grow the offering and expand Egis' footprint in the sectors of industry, construction, water and waste management where clients demand a high level of expertise. Nicolas Jachiet goes on to say, "Egis is a key player in the Ukrainian infrastructure sector and we wish to consolidate this position across all of our business lines. Ukraine represents fertile investment territory for our Group". 

Focus on selected flagship projects

  • Technical assistance to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the National roads agency (2015- 2018)
    A consortium that includes Egis and two French government-backed agencies – Expertise France and CIVI POL Conseil – has been tasked with upgrading road design standards, introducing the principle of road safety audits into Ukrainian legislation, training teams from both the National roads agency and the Ministry of Infrastructure and organising awareness campaigns. This project rounds out Egis' current road safety engagements in Ukraine. These also include a pilot project to oversee the maintenance of a section of the M06 Highway along which the number of accidents has been significantly reduced.

  • Harmonisation of transport legislation (2016-2018)
    In the wake of the 2014 Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine, various EU directives need to be transposed into Ukrainian legislation and a consortium comprising Egis and German-based Dornier Consulting has been mandated to assist the Infrastructure Ministry with this process. This project has a two-fold purpose: bringing national legislation into line with EU transport legislation and providing transport strategy implementation assistance with setting priorities and training managerial staff from government ministries.

  • Upgrading the district heating networks of the cities of Lviv (2014-2017) and Lutsk (2016-2018)
    Under this contract with the municipal district heating company LvivTeploEnergo, Egis will set out in detail the work that needs to be carried out, help organise calls for tenders and track work in progress. The contract signed with LutskTeplo involves providing assistance with restructuring this district heating company (setting rates, upgrading infrastructure, etc.).

  • Extension of Dnipropetrovsk metro (2013- 2016)
    Since 1995, the 4km / three-station extension to Dnipropetrovsk metro has been frozen due to funding problems, however the project was relaunched in 2012 thanks to joint financing put up by the EBRD and EIB. Egis is assisting the municipal metro company with procurement activities and contract administration. Construction work is set to begin in the next few weeks.