A longstanding partner in the development of the Maghreb, Egis has been operating in this region since the early 80s, with the construction of the trans-Maghreb line linking Mauritania to Libya.

In thirty years, the North African population has doubled and the challenge now is to support the development of new cities and infrastructure, particularly in desert regions of the south thereby taking pressure off coastal regions. Despite being unfavourable to economic development, these deserts have much to offer in terms of underground oil and natural gas and represent an important opportunity for contemporary Maghreb.

Working for more than thirty years in this region, the group has several offices and subsidiaries in Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania. With the aim of firmly establishing itself in the Maghreb, Egis is well integrated in the local community, using local skills, training managers and hiring local staff.

Egis is a recognised leader in the region in diverse sectors of activity : roads, with the flagship project of the East-West Motorway; rail, with the Kenitra-Tangier high speed line and numerous tram lines in Morocco and Algeria. In aerospace, Egis is working on the construction of several terminals (Marrakech, Oran and others). Egis is also working on numerous projects in the field of water, construction (Casablanca theatre, Hôpital de la Sûreté in Algiers....) and urban development, with for example, the development of the new town of El Ménéa in the Algerian desert. Egis also supports major industry clients, such as Renault in Tangier.

In April 2012, Egis took shares in ID Paysages, a Moroccan architecture and landscape firm.


Benjamin Audinos

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