Egis strengthens its development strategy in the port and maritime domain

Port engineering and sea works, especially in the off-shore field (major complex projects and works at great depths) offers sharp forecasts worldwide.

By setting up Egis Ports, Egis is boosting its advance in this high potential sector. Pierre Aristaghes is Chief Executive Officer of the new subsidiary, that gathers the group’s various expertise.

28 June 2013



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An emerging domain

Egis aims at supervising trading ports and specialized terminals (bulk, mining, liquefied natural gas (LNG), etc.), marinas, extensions at Sea (artificial islands, etc.) and issues related to the struggle against erosion and coastal flooding. Egis assembles its particular expertise and creates a dedicated branch that will perform on 3 trades:

  • Port development consultancy (economic and institutional features of operating ports and waterways)
  • Harbor structures design (dams, wharves, piers, etc.) and the overall design of ports and terminals
  • Maritime hydraulics and coastal engineering

Egis Ports is managed by Pierre Aristaghes who joined the group at the end of 2012.

Landmark projects

In the last years, Egis teams brought their expertise to many projects as:

  • Infrastructure studies of Weda Bay’s ore port (Indonesia) which is one of the largest untapped nickel ore deposits in the world
  • Technical assistance for the construction of Zadar’s new port (Croatia), World Heritage Site by Unesco
  • Assistance for Kribi’s new deep water port (Cameroon) and operating planning
  • Full project management of the New Littoral Road (Reunion Island) to be set a few hundred meters from the shore, between Saint-Denis and La Possession
  • Member of the Ecological Restoration for the shore in the Great Port of Marseille, using Egis’ advanced know-how in Ecodesign.

Pierre Aristaghes named Egis Ports’ CEO

 A graduate of the French Ponts et Chaussées engineering school, Pierre Aristaghes began his career in 1981 with BCEOM (now Egis International), in the Ports and Inland Waterways Department (PVN). One year later, he joined the Technical Centre of the French Ministry of the Sea (“CETMEF”) where he was in charge of the sea port activity and returned to BCEOM in 1986 as Special Adviser to the General Manager.

He joined Bouygues TP in 1990 as Manager of Studies and Development and was, in particular, responsible for tunnel and port studies. He worked on the design of variants for the Beirut seafront (Lebanon), the first Tangiers Med container port (Tangiers, Morocco), a container terminal in the Dominican Republic, as well as the hydraulic design of seawalls in Monaco.

Manager of Sea Works Engineering at Saipem (a subsidiary of the Italian Oil Group ENI, a specialist in the engineering and construction of industrial complexes) since 2004, he notably developed winning concepts for two other ports in Tangiers and three methane terminals in Peru, Algeria and Australia. He was also awarded a major contract for the design of a complete port complex in Australia, and worked on urban marine extensions in Monaco and on Reunion Island.