A global digital model to accelerate railway engineering projects

Egis and CEA are developing new solutions for engineering public and rail transportation. The implementation of a project management tool named “Exegis” is planned for the end of 2018. Adapted to the management of major facilities, such as the installation of a new metro line, it will be the interface between the numerous management tools that are frequently used in order to provide an overall digital model of the project.

20 February 2018



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In light of the implementation of new urban transportation (tram, metro etc.), the management of the project requires a combined observation of the numerous implementation constraints imposed by the terrain and its development, by the service goals and the functional expectations (passenger regularity, information on travellers and on the driver…), as well as by the regulatory and normative frameworks that must be observed. All these constraints represent the project requirements (see the box) that govern the project planning and management from its design to the implementation of the service.